Monday, October 6, 2014

Silver Falls State Park 10 Fall Loop - September 28, 2014

Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike
8.7 Miles

This is an amazing hike that is a must see for everyone.  You can do smaller hikes to some of the more popular waterfalls but it is worth it to complete the ten falls loop.  The hike is moderate and has a few hills.  I had done the majority of this loop about 17 years ago but we weren't able to complete the loop because one of the bridges was out and we had to back track making it a much longer hike.  This time  we were able to hike the entire loop.

The trails is nice and soft for the most part.  There are a few areas with roots and a couple of switchbacks, making the climbing a bit easier.

You get to walk behind two of the falls.  It is a great experience to hear the rushing water above you and stand behind the waterfall, gives a great perspective.

There are also beautiful pools of water along the way.

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