Monday, October 6, 2014

Cape Lookout State Park - September 22, 2014

Cape Lookout State Park
5.2 Miles

We started our day with a little putt putt golf.  Doug continues to be the riegning champion in our ongoing putt putt golf challenge.  That won't last for long though.

After the golf game we headed out to Cape Lookout State Park.  This is a moderate hike with some great viewpoints. 

There are lots of roots and obstacles along this hike.  Keep an eye on your footing.

Yes, that is a 400 foot cliff, right there beside the trail. 

I had to keep telling myself to just focus on the trail and not look down.  Really, you are hiking right along the edge of this cliff for awhile.

I was very happy to see this bench at the end.

Then this view . . . . . amazing!  The day was perfect.  

That is Doug, picking up rocks at the top of the lookout.

We ended our day with a delicious shrimp louie at Kyllo's in Lincoln City and then the drive home.

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