Monday, December 15, 2014

Lower Salmonberry River - November 3, 2014

Lower Salmonberry  River Hike
10 Miles

This trail is located along the Lower Nehalem River about 50 miles west of Portland off highway 26.  
Hikng along the rails does provide a challenge.  Fall hiking was beautiful in this area with all of the colors and the beautiful river alongside most of the trail.  

There are a couple of spots where erosion and storm damage has caused the rails to be unstable and so you do leave the main trail for a bit but it is easy to follow.  A couple of river crossings also provided a little challenge but others have placed logs and rocks so that you can cross without getting too wet.  I do recommend waterproof boots though.  

All in all this was a beautiful but semi satisfying hike.  I think you could probably hike further than the water tower and see more of the river but we got a late start and didn't want to run out of daylight so we turned around at the water tower after Doug's climb up into it to see what was inside - just branches and leaves.

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