Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cape Falcon November 17, 2014

Cape Falcon plus
8 miles

It was an amazing and beautiful day on the Oregon Coast.  We had driven past this trailhead many times from Rockaway to Canon Beach and it finally worked out so that we could hike the trail.  We took a little side trip down to the beach where we watched surfers trying to catch the little waves.  I think they were hoping for bigger waves but it didn't look like that was going to happen.

The Chihuahua Army loved the hike too.  They enjoyed the beach and the beautiful weather.  

I imagine that during the summer this beach is packed with people because it is so beautiful, but on this fall day we only shared it with the few surfers and a couple that were sitting on a bench.

Once on the hike we were rewarded with some great views.

Waves crashing below towards the beach we were on earlier.

Parts of the trail at the top were narrow paths through thick Oregon Berry bushes. 

Once we hiked beyond the top we came to this beautiful view point.  Would have loved to be able to reach the beach below but we didn't see a safe trail down.

A great hike, not difficult at all and one we will most likely do again.

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