Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls - October 13, 2014

Eagle Creek To Tunnel Falls
12 Miles

I hadn't done this hike since around 1996, back when I was an athlete and had done it a couple of times.  It hasn't changed much except that they have put in more cables to hold on to when walking along the slippery cliffs.  I was happy about that because although I remembered this hike fondly, that was the thing that kept me from wanting to do it again.  

This is the hike you will hear mentioned on the news when people or dogs fall off the trail.  It is quite steep so you need to pay attention and I would not recommend it in rainy weather.

It is beautiful though.  We didn't make it all the way to Tunnel Falls this time because we were running out of time and were a little anxious about getting off the trail before dark.  We were so very close though.  Next time we will start earlier so that we can make it all the way.  Even though, there are some beautiful water falls and sights along the way and the fall colors were gorgeous.

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